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SHX Proximity

Real Objects come alive in the room!


SHX Proximity is a new way of interaction in a sensory room opening a whole new world of possibilities in a SHX room. The user can interact with the room using real objects that will transform the room related to that specific object.


It is as simple as bringing any object close to the SHX Proximity platform and the whole room will come alive with the corresponding effects. 


You can create any combination of lighting, images, sounds, vibration, music, effects on the bubble tube, fibre optics, as well as other enveloping effects that will fill the room up so that the users get the most immersive experience.


SHX Proximity opens up a whole range of therapeutic and educative opportunities letting the user to interact with the room through real objects, such as: toys, clothes, jars with food, trays with different materials, pictures, cards, etc. and associate them any multi-sensory content. It is a great tool for working the attention, interaction, association, memory, cause-effect relation, and language.


To see 21 Activities to do with SHX Proximity, download the manual below.




o SHX Proximity Device


o Printed pre-programmed cards for the following functions: turn volume up, turn volume down, stop, buttons (cells) 1 to 6, sequential mode and random mode.


o 18 rewritable cards


o 18 rewritable stickers




• USB Device with cable 5 m long.


• Distance of recognition: 1-2 cm.


• Area for recognition: 5 cm approx.


• Every card or sticker can be programmed to display any SHX content or scene.


• The cards and stickers can be configured unlimitedly.


• Compatible with SHX software version 1.4 or higher.