Luminea Ball Pool

Luminea Ball Pool

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Luminea Ball Pool

Dive into a magical fun pit full of balls that change colour!

Allow yourself to be surrounded by and wrapped in coloured light while you play and learn without realising it.

The Luminea ball pits are available as standard or with vibroacoustic features.

Ball pits are ideal for stimulating proprioception, self-awareness and movement. The illuminated ball pits consist of transparent balls that allow coloured light to pass through them and be projected from inside the pit, creating an incredible light effect that boosts interaction.

The Luminea ball pit is completely compatible with the Luminea and SHX system meaning that it can be controlled via an app, buttons, dice and more.

The Luminea ball pit can also be used as a standalone device with switch input for AUTO mode and off and switch input for sequential mode.


Dimensions: 145 x 145 x 70cm

Includes the necessary multicolour balls set

Optional vibroacoustic shaker for the VA effect

• DMX 

• Radio-frequency receiver is compatible with BJLive! controllers

• Double WiFi (both for configuration as well as for connecting to the house/centre network)

• The vinyl materials we use in our products are designed to meet the strictest market requirements.

• Antimicrobial, antibacterial and antifungal protection.

• Abrasion resistant.

• Resistant to human sweat and saliva, urine and blood.

• Total weight: 620 gr/m2

• Thickness: 0.5mm - 1 mm

• Complies with REACH regulation

• Fire-resistant: M2 classification

• Complies with EN71-3 toy safety.

• Highly resistant to the sun.