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Luminea Corner

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Luminea Corner

The Luminea corner allows you to have a little multisensory space full of therapeutic opportunities in a ‘plug and play’ and very easy to use corner.


If you don't have a multisensory room with SHX technology yet, or a big room with many elements, you can start with a little corner which will allow you to create your little interactive world and take advantage of the multiple benefits that these rooms provide.


This versatile kit is designed for covering the maximum of therapeutic possibilities, educative and leisure, including the lighting sensory elements: the bubble tube and the fibre optics.


The lighting devices included in this kit belong to the Luminea range of sensory lighting devices, which means more control and interaction possibilities for the user and more resources for the intervention.

The Luminea corner is completely compatible with the Luminea and SHX system meaning that it can be controlled via an app, buttons, dice and more.

The corner bubble tube can also be used as a standalone device with switch input for AUTO mode and off and switch input for sequential mode.


The kit includes:

• Luminea Bubble Tube

• Luminea Fiber Optic 2m

• Luminea Tablet (already pre-configured) 

• Luminea App for Android (downloadable on several devices)

• Square base for bubble tube and fibre optics

• Access Point

• Wall fixation


The Luminea corner comes with a book with ideas of activities, designed by expert therapists, to initiate an intervention. Open the manual below to take a look. 


These activities suggest objectives to make the acquisition of learnings easier by following the psychomotor development. The ideas of this guide are useful with different users: typical development children; children at an early stage who need to strengthen learnings; people with a disability or special needs, people going through degenerative processes and the elderly, since we activate preserved skills in order to slower deterioration.



• 2m x 1 m

• High brightness

• Compatible with the SHX system

• DMX 

• Radio-frequency receiver is compatible with BJLive! controllers

• Double WiFi (both for configuration as well as for connecting to the house/centre network)

• Includes Luminea Tablet (already pre-configured)