Luminea Bubble Tube

Luminea Bubble Tube

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Luminea Bubble Tube

The Luminea bubble tube stands out in the darkness and captivates the attention of anyone near it with its light and movement. This bubble tube helps create numerous atmospheres using its colours, vibration, sound, reflections, floating objects and interaction. This opens up endless possibilities for visual monitoring, motor skills, cause and effect, playing with colours and more.

The Luminea bubble tube also has a special mode called “sporadic bubble” which produces a singular, large bubble which gradually moves to the top of the tube. This is ideal for users who require focusing on activities related to attention building and visual tracking. Add the ball kit to multiply the visual impact.

The Luminea bubble tube is completely compatible with the Luminea and SHX system meaning that it can be controlled via an app, buttons, dice and more.

The Luminea bubble tube can also be used as a standalone device with switch input for AUTO mode and off and switch input for sequential mode.


 ·      180 x 20 cm

·        Vivid luminosity

·        High quality plexiglass which remains transparent and scratch-free

·        DMX 

·        Radio-frequency receiver is compatible with BJLive! controllers

·        Double WiFi (both for configuration as well as for connecting to the house/centre network)

·        Three bubble patterns: Continuous, sporadic and sequentially sporadic bubbles