Gridpad 15

Gridpad 15

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Gridpad 15

The Gridpad 15 is a dedicated device which has been designed in collaboration with AAC users.  The device has a large 148Wh battery provides up to 14 hours continuous use (9 hours with eye gaze), rugged design and multiple access points.

Control everyday items around your home with any access method. Turn on a light, change the channel on TV, open doors and much more. It works by sending signals via a transmitter in your Grid Pad to receivers around your home.


Key features:

High spec computer for fast communication

15.6” HD tough antiglare display

Antimicrobial casing and screen

4.6” rear-facing second screen

Built for all access methods

Over 14 hours battery life (9 hours with eye gaze)

High quality amplified sound

Remote power button

Built-in radio and infrared Environment Control

Tactile, water-resistant buttons

Flexible stand and mounting options

Powered by Grid 3


Grid Pad and Grid 3 are ready to work with all eye gaze technology built for AAC.

The purpose-built eye gaze module is available with the EyeTech TM5 miniIrisbond Duo and Alea IntelliGaze.

Bespoke mounting plates to use with Tobii PCEye Mini and Eyegaze Edge are available