DialoQ Switch Autoclicker

DialoQ Switch Autoclicker

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DialoQ Switch Autoclicker

DialoQ Switch AutoClicker

DialoQ Switch AutoClicker allows hands free control of a Windows device. Users that have difficulties using standard mouse buttons and/or keyboards keys can use AutoClicker to easily do clicking, scrolling (mouse wheel), dragging and typing in text.



AutoClicker, new innovative way to do ‘Dwell-clicking’

Full mouse control

Mouse guidelines and animated cursor

Mouse clicking assistance by clickable object scanning

Predictive text input with fullscreen keyboard

Full keyboard emulation

Launching applications

Shortcuts and short commands for Windows

Custmizable user interface


Minimum system requirements:

Windows 8, 8.1 or 10

Wired or wireless physical switch

Microphone for voice-switch

USB adapter for switch

Supported adapter for environmental control

DialoQ AutoClicker is a completely new and innovative way to do ‘Dwell-clicking’ – simply move the mouse pointer to location where ‘clicking’-event is wanted and then select item from pop-up list. Items are freely configurable and some features include ‘repeat’-mode, like scrolling, to enable fast browsing and navigation through the documents.