4Safe Door Safety Sensor

4Safe Door Safety Sensor

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4Safe Door Safety Sensor

The 4 SAFE is a failsafe active infrared sensor which functions by distance measuring.

Onboard of swing and revolving door leaves, it brings safety to the users by avoiding contacts with the doors in motion.

The three-dimensional area of the 4SAFE makes it particularly suitable for protecting people with disabilities.



• High user safety thanks to a detection area of 40 cm in front of the leaf at 2 m high with 4 groups of 2 active infrared spots.

• Easy mounting with daisy-chain up to 6 modules, to cover the whole door width.

• Easy wiring for swing doors thanks to the special design of the 4SAFE : every module has two selectable outputs for safety at opening or closing, with just one cable.

• Adaptation to all floor types, even the most contrasted one (stainless steel plate, grids, water puddles, snow-covered ground…).

• Easier logistics: each module recognises its status automatically and selects it in the daisy-chain.