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Luminea App

Control the colours in the light as never before!

Control our Luminea devices in a multisensory room, such as the bubble tube, fibre optics, ball pit, LED lights, etc., through this App and engage users in activities adapted for different needs.

You will be able to control light as never before. Luminea App has been designed with a focus on multiple therapeutic and educational purposes.

This App, which allows you to control the light devices in a sensory room, consists of two different categories of activities: Pixel and Sequencing. Each category allows you to create your own activities besides enjoying those that are included by default within the App.


  • Touch an image and modify the colours in the room.
  • Within this category you can find images by default or upload your own images.
  • When touching a specific spot on the image, the Luminea device(s) that you have will change colour.
  • Use any image from the internet, take a picture with the tablet’s camera or create your own drawing or image and use it as a personalised remote control.
  • Additionally, the application allows you to choose a neutral colour (a colour which does not change the colour of the Luminea device) and a colour which turns off the Luminea device’s colour.
  • In this way, it’s possible to create a few or many colour combinations, pictures, trace images, play with mazes, identify and associate colours with objects, play Simon Says, work on cause & effect exercises, express preferences and making choices, painting and other creative activities... 
  • It’s also fun to play “magic colour” as the Luminea device remains off until the user presses a specific colour on the image. You can work on coordination (using a target image, a dartboard for example), cognition activities (images to develop vocabulary) and anything related to a colours or objects.
  • Our App comes with 12 default Pixel activities, but you can create as many as you want.


  • The App’s sequencing category relates to recordings of a colour pattern that the user creates, which can be linked to a song, sound or melody. Thanks to sequencing, both the therapist and the user can choreograph their own music and colour combinations, work on memory related activities, sequences, rhythm, chromotherapy, emotions or the user’s artistic expression.


  • Free download on Google Play
  • Automatically detects the Luminea devices in close proximity and connects them to your home or centre’s WIFI network.
  • Control all the Luminea devices on the same WIFI network, individually or all at once.
  • Available for Android.
  • Menus to create and edit new pixel and sequencing activities.
  • Control bar to adjust luminosity, device selection, bubble control, etc.