Voice Kit

Voice Kit

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Voice Kit

Convert the voice into vibration or colours

The SHX voice kit consists of two wireless microphones (one hand-held and one headset) which connect to the SHX Central Device. Allowing you to modify the room lighting or any element such as a tube, fibre or pool depending on the volume of the voice in four different modes: whites, colours, random and peaks.

In addition, it includes two programs that convert the voice signal into light signals displayed on the image projected by the SHX Central Device.

If there is any vibroacoustic element installed in the room, besides the lighting effects it is possible to convert the voice into vibration.

Compatible with the SHX System.


  • Reception system
  • Power source
  • Headset microphone
  • Hand-held microphone
  • Cables
  • Whitecap program
  • Compatible with the SHX System.