RT27 Necklace transmitter

RT27 Necklace transmitter

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RT27 Necklace transmitter

The RT27 necklace transmitter has been specially adapted to the requirements of people in need of care.The large push button makes it easy to operate.

Switching electrical devices on and off with a 1-button operation or activating paging systems are among the standard application areas of this transmitter.

An LED indicates if the battery needs to be changed.If the battery is running low, a separate radio signal is transmitted which can be analyzed by a corresponding Easywave receiver.

Technical specifications

Coding factory coding with Easywave telegram
Frequency 868,30 MHz
Channels 1
Range typically 150 m in good free-field conditions
Power supply 1x 3V battery, CR2032
Operating indicator LED
Operation transmission lasts as long as the button is pressed
(maximum 36 seconds)
Function depends on the receiver (see models)
Protection degree IP65
Operating temperature -20 °C to +60 °C
Dimensions Ø 41 x 13 mm
Weight 16 g (including battery, without necklace)
Color anthracite gray similar to RAL 7016

Scope of delivery
•Necklace transmitter including battery
•Necklace (predetermined breaking point
•Operating manual

Accessories (optional)

RT27-ACC-05-21P Necklace (predetermined breaking point)
ACC-TOO-01-23P Round housing key
ACC-SEA-01-00Px O-ring seal

RT27E5001-11-23K Necklace transmitter 1-channel, anthracite, red button 1x PULSE