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The RemoBox is an infrared radio converter. With an infrared remote control the entire spectrum of ELDAT Easywave radio receivers can be used.

The corresponding function of the RemoBox is taught once into the Easywave radio receiver. You can select between 2-button operation (on / off), 1-button operation (alternating on / off) or a timer function (7 minutes on) at the receiver.

All receivers can be combined with Easywave hand transmitters or other RemoBoxes.

ELDAT Easywave radio receivers are safely used via an encrypted radio protocol, which means that third party activation is not possible.

In case that you only need a maximum of four radio receivers, the RemoBox can be switched to the IRS compatibility mode. As a result, the RemoBox, together with the corresponding Easywave receivers, behaves like a conventional IRS infrared switch socket. A contact socket located directly on the RemoBox with normally closed and normally open contacts can also be controlled directly by infrared (nurse call etc.).

The RemoBox can use simple PC software to generate all infrared codes for teaching into the appropriate environment control unit. Thus you do not need any additional teach-in remote control.