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The House Mate system uses mobile devices; either android or iOS (Apple) based devices and connects via Bluetooth.

Using the built-in Infrared transmitter you can control all standard entertainment equipment such as Televisions, DVD & HiFi systems – just as you would expect from a more conventional Environmental Control system.

Typically, the standard communication method for Environmental Control was Infrared, this type of communication requires the receiver to be in the line of sight of the control unit, House Mate has the ability to use Radio transmission which negates this issue, thus allowing you to control items that are out of sight or in other rooms, such as a socket behind a cabinet, or a pager to call for attention.

The House Mate can be controlled by touch or switch and delivers voice audio cues if required for user feedback. By utilising the device’s operating system, you also gain access to a whole host of other local features; such as Email, an Internet browser, games, Text messaging and access to documents.

Different mounting options are available; from simple table or wall mounting to floor stands and more intricate wheelchair systems, meaning that the user can be comfortable in whichever way they choose to use House Mate. Also, being USB powered allows it to be powered from an electric wheelchair delivering even greater flexibility and potentially reducing system costs.

Date:29 Jan, 2016