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The Servus Environmental Control unit is a dedicated device that gives users great flexibility in the way they access their system – be it by Touch, Switch (wireless interface optional) or via USB input devices like eye gaze. Offering generated voice audio cues it allows a user to use the system as they need.

Servus is built on the Grid2 platform which enables excellent flexibility and ultimately a reliable system.

Using the in-built Infrared transmitter it can control all of your standard entertainment equipment, for example, Televisions, DVD & HiFi systems and everything you would expect from on Environmental control system.

Typically, Infrared communication requires the receiver to be in the line of sight of the control unit, Servus has a built in Radio transmitter which negates this issue, thus allowing you to control items that are out of sight or in other rooms, such as a socket behind a cabinet, or a pager to call for attention.

Servus comes with a screw mount by default, however, an optional Rehadapt bracket delivers greater flexibility for positioning; from simple table or wall mounting to more intricate wheelchair systems, we will always ensure that the Servus is where you need it.

Date:17 Dec, 2015