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TELO is a colour LCD based dedicated environmental control unit. The device enables users to remotely control one or more appliances in their home. TELO is designed for people with physical disabilities who cannot perform certain tasks in their living environment and who wish to gain independence by regaining control of these tasks themselves.

TELO can be used in three different ways:

– By pressing the touch screen directly

– By operating a switch: there is a complete range of switches suitable for different types of disabilities (control by touch, by breath, by head/arm/eyelids movements, etc. …).
The switch can be connected directly to TELO (wired switch) or a radio transmitter 7T604 (wireless switch) is available as an option and any standard type of switch with a 3.5mm jack connection can be connected to this wireless unit.

– By pressing a joystick that can be used on a specific mounting, this includes control using a wheelchair joystick (if compatible) via a special interface.

– By voice recognition, by saying a word associated with a selection on the TELO unit, causing the action to be activated. These words are listed in a keyword library which can be configured to suit the individual user.

TELO can operate devices which are controlled via Infra-Red and Z Wave (Available from Spring 2016). There is also a built in SIM card slot which allows the user to operate the TELO device as a mobile phone, controlling both voice calls and SMS text messaging

Date:17 Dec, 2015